At Haffner & Morgan, LLP, our practice is primarily devoted to helping individuals who have been cheated by their insurers through bad faith practices. Throughout our years in practice, we have become familiar with the most common unethical and even illegal practices that insurance companies engage in. Most of these have to do with insurance claim and coverage denial.

Was Your Insurance Claim Or Insurance Coverage Denied Unfairly?

Below are some common examples of practices that constitute insurance bad faith:

Failure to investigate claims. Your insurer has an implied covenant of fair dealing. Given the disparity in power, California insurance code says that insurance companies must search for reasons to honor claims rather than reasons to deny them. They have a duty to fully and properly investigate your claim in search of a reason to honor it.

Requests for unnecessarily burdensome demands. When investigating and processing your claim, your insurer may ask you for information or evidence. While you are typically required to cooperate with what they ask, they can't keep asking for things just to avoid paying your claim.

Unsupported allegations of fraud. Insurance fraud is real, but your insurer cannot make a wild accusation just to avoid paying your claim. With stolen cars, insurers often imply fraud on the part of the insured without evidence.

Failure to reasonably settle with a third party. If you have a car accident and it's your fault, your insurance company has a duty to settle with the other driver within policy limits to protect you from undue financial liability above and beyond that. If your insurance company fails to do this, they may have acted in bad faith.

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