The practices of health insurance companies became much more tightly regulated when the Affordable Care Act was enacted. But with so much change and uncertainty in health care law these past several years, many insurers continue to engage in practices that are illegal or otherwise in bad faith.

If you have had important medical care delayed/denied, had coverage canceled without warning or had insurers refuse to cover treatment that was medically necessary, share your concerns with an experienced attorney like those at Haffner & Morgan, LLP. After a free initial consultation, we can likely tell you whether you have an actionable claim for insurance bad faith.

Health Insurance Denial Of Coverage And Claims

There are many examples of bad faith practices. Here are just a few:

Example 1: You are in need of a surgery or medical procedure that your doctor has told you is medically necessary (an assessment confirmed by other physicians). You seek approval from your health insurer, but still have not heard back after two months. Because the procedure is urgent, you have it performed and billed to your insurance company. The claim is then rejected.

Example 2: Your spouse has cancer, and needs to undergo a type of treatment that is somewhat new but widely medically accepted. The doctor says that your spouse needs this type of treatment because he or she is not healthy enough to undergo more traditional therapies. Your insurance company refuses to cover the treatment, claiming it will not pay for "experimental medical procedures."

Example 3: You submit a claim to your health insurer and the claim is denied. Because you want to appeal the decision, you ask the company to send you any documentation related to its decision to deny the claim. Your insurer refuses to do so.

Even if your issue doesn't match any of the examples above, we still want to hear from you. All of our cases are taken on contingency basis, which means that you pay nothing unless we help you recover money.

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