Protecting property is one of the most basic functions of insurance. For our purposes, property can refer to real property (such as a residential, business or other commercial property) or personal property (such as a specific item or collection of items that you own). In either case, you take out an insurance policy because what you are trying to protect is valuable to you — financially, personally or both.

What happens when your business suffers severe storm damage, or you suffer the loss/theft of a valuable piece of property? If your insurance company unreasonably denies the claim, tries to settle for a fraction of its value or drags the process out, your very livelihood could be at risk. In such cases, you may be able to bring a claim of insurance bad faith with the help of the skilled attorneys at Haffner & Morgan, LLP.

Property Insurance Denial Of Claims And Coverage

What does bad faith look like when it comes to property insurance. Here are just a few examples:

♦Example 1: The roof of your business is significantly damaged by high winds to the point where it is not safe for customers to be inside the building. After filing a claim, your insurance company is very slow to respond and uncooperative throughout the claims process. You are out of business for two months when repairs could have been completed in just a few days.

♦Example 2: An expensive musical instrument was stolen from your car. Your insurance company alleges (without proof) that you were negligent and must have left the car unlocked. As such, your insurer either denies the claim or offers a settlement amount that is much lower than the value of the item.

♦Example 3: Your storefront is defaced and damaged by vandalism. You speak to an insurance adjuster over the phone, and the adjuster claims that the damage seems to be normal wear and tear. He doesn't arrange for inspection of the damage but nonetheless denies your claim.

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